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Amarin Pharma (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

OEM Service Dietary Supplement, Traditional Medicine (Herbs), Cosmetics, Drinks and Health Product

We do business in the form of OEM care products for health and beauty groups. Including the production of food supplements, traditional medicines, modern medicines, cosmetics and health drinks by providing a One Stop Service, which we have more than 15 affiliated factories and partner factories and provide services that meet the needs of customers. We also pay attention to every step of production, both quality and standard. Manufacturing process that produces quality products under the customer’s brand and to build confidence in the brand of customers as well.



We are a professional team

We are a team of talented professionals. Ready to strive to create products Health and beauty products with excellent service to be number one in the hearts of customers


Aiming to care and create products

Aiming to take care of and create health and beauty products that have reached the leading level of the country. with sustainable growth, social responsibility and meet the needs of customers in all dimensions.

International certification standards

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