Own the Brand

Customers notify their requested to Amarin sales.

The customer informs the needs of what type of product they want to produce dietary supplements, traditional medicines or cosmetics

  – What the prominent extracts in the product?
  – What the product results?
  –Already have a recipe? or want to develop a new formula
  – How much quantity does the customer want to produce?
  – The budget of this project.



Once the details of the product to be produced with us are agreed, the Amarin sales will send the quotation to the customer to consider a payment.


Select the product formula

Using the FDA registration of the company

The company sends product samples to customers.

The customer pays for the FDA registration fee.

New FDA registration

Select the formula for product.

The customer named the product and paid the FDA registration fee.

The company sends product samples to customers.

Apply for registration with the FDA.

The company sends the registration number to the FDA and product information for customers

Packaging design and graphic design

When the product formula is complete Next, we will design labels and packaging in order to prepare for applying for permission to use with the FDA. By the way, “Amarin Pharma” has a graphic design team to service.

QC Packaging material

Once the labels and packaging are available. Before being sent into the packing process, we will perform QC and selected also check the correctness of the packaging for every piece before entering the packing process including size, color, font, content and etc. In order to be allowed by the FDA.

First 50% payment

When the packaging is waiting for their process. Customer will pay the first 50% payment of the production. In order for to begin the production process of the product.


Product producing

Once customer pays the first 50% payment of the production, we will start producing the product immediately.

Finished Goods

After the finished product manufacturing.  The quantity of products produced will be notified to customers again with the remaining balance. Customer must pay for the rest remaining 50% of the product. Before deliver the finished goods.


Once customer complete the payment. We will inspect the product again before deliver the product to customer as quickly and safely as possible and after receiving the product. There will be staff from “Amarin Pharma” to take care and provide after sales service.


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